Tyrion Lifts (Women's Muscle Tank/3 Colors)

"So you have a new design idea?"

"Yeah, it's kind of weird."

"Lay it on me."

"Ok, so it's basically a Venn diagram of 1. people that like Game of Thrones, 2. people that like lifting, and 3. people who know this one specifically obscure quote in the show."

"Hmm...that sounds super specific..."

"Yeah, it's probably a bad idea..."

This limited edition Gym Hero design is hand-printed on 3 different shirts. "Tyrion Lifts" artwork print on the front with the Gym Hero logo printed on the back.

  • Preshrunk 65% Polyester/35% Viscose.
  • Extended arm cutouts so you can display your gains!
  • Hand Printed
  • Soft/Durable Fabric

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