THE GYM HERO GUIDEBOOK: 12 Week Gym/Home Workout Plan

This is a .PDF edition of my 12 Week Plan that involves a commercial gym plan as well as a home option. Sitting at just 87 pages, this is a lean bare bones introduction into fitness that I hope with be both simple to Gym Heroes just starting out as well as super beneficial to the more experienced fitness buffs.

This short book touches on many topics that are going to be central to your fitness success, hopefully in a humorous and informative manner. These topics include: 


  • 12 Week Plan (options of Gym [4 phases] and Home [3 phases])
  • A General Nutrition Plan
  • Cardio Guide
  • Over 110 Exercise Videos
  • Stretching/Mobility Work
  • Abs/Core
  • Gym Shorthand & Lingo
  • 60 Workout Sessions Log Book
  • And Much More...


I really want this to be an interactive program because I want - no, need - you to get as much as you can from this. I may not be there with you physically during the workouts but the support system will certainly be there. I look forward to your progress and I hope that you love this program!



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