"Anti-Fascism" Should Not Be A Real Term

Let me preface this by saying that Gym Hero is first and foremost a fitness site. We're all about promoting health and wellness within every community through educational and (hopefully) fun methods. We don't delve into politics because there are many nuances within most discussions, too many to simply try to gloss over with a Facebook post or a clever tweet.

This is not one of those discussions.

This IS one of those discussions that has a very clear cut and simple dichotomy.

You're either a fascist (Nazi, skinhead, "nationalist", what have you) or you're not.

You either think that there are superior individuals based solely on their race/place of birth or you don't.

You either think that bigotry and segregation is a good thing that should be celebrated or you don't.

You either support these bigoted ideals...or you're a rational f**king person.

My mind is blown that it's 2017 (72 years after the end of World War 2) and we're still having discussions on CNN/Fox News/MSNBC about what to do with Nazis and what do they really mean when they say what they're saying.