"I thrive under pressure" - SuperKaner

Patrick B. Kane was burn Fulgur on the planet Müllet (pronounced mooh-let) to a high ranking Mülletian general named Batillus and his scientist wife Luculentus. However, due to *insert lots of sciency words* their world was destroyed, but not before Fulgur was saved and sent to Earth. It was on our planet that he was discovered in a hockey puck-esque spaceship with nothing more than his guardian stick named Bronte. He was found and raised by a New York police officer and his wife and thus Fulgur became known as Patrick Kane.

With his new family he became imbued with a strong moral compass as well as a killer instinct whenever he engaged in any sports. His adopted father, Kiki, quickly let him join traveling hockey teams as a way to offset his aggression...but also as an outlet to showcase his talents. At an early age he began to develop supernatural abilities and strives to use these abilities for the good of humanity upon his maturation - which, to be honest, took quite a bit of time.

Patrick has generally been considered "small", but his agility and marksmanship absurdly make up for this slight. He has also showcased an otherworldly ability to withstand punishment. In fact, it appears that he can absorb physical blows and turn the force into kinetic energy that he can attack using Bronte.

Powers & Abilities

  • Slap Shot attack can range in destructive ability. It has been noted that the higher the stakes, the stronger the Slap Shot is. There is worry among many SuperKaner theorists that it could eventually deal a force so great that it becomes a world destroyer.
  • Bronte can shorten and lengthen at will and seems to have a consciousness of its own. In Kane's hands it is nothing more than a feather; however, in the hands of others, it is completely immovable. Even Silverback (arguably the strongest Gym Hero) is unable to budge it more than 2 inches.
  • SuperKaner cannot fly, so it is really confusing why he wears a cape. However, he does possess super speed and an agility level almost equal to Krispy Krack.
  • It is suspected that a great deal of SuperKaner's powers reside within the power of his mullet, the hairstyle of his native planet. No one has seen him with a haircut since he was 6 months old.
  • Although he is highly resistant to most physical attacks, he can be very susceptible to telepathic attacks. However, as he has grown and matured he has become far more adept at handling these attacks.

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