The Greatest Television Show You've Never Watched

I generally dislike television. I seriously watch 1 of 5 things:

Sportscenter (mainly as background noise)

Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Colbert Report (obviously not much anymore)

Random documentaries

Elementary (I'm a sucker for Sherlock Holmes inspired programming)

However, the best thing that has ever graced a television screen is the series "The Wire".

Oh my god, it's so good!!!!


What's that, you never heard of "The Wire"? Don't worry, no one did because it was overshadowed by a very overrated show about the Italian Mafia that received 111 Emmy Nominations (ONE BLEEPING HUNDRED ELEVEN). Meanwhile, what is easily God's gift to media received 2.

Two. And Omar Little was not one of them.

He should have been nominated for this line alone.


I bring this up because after 3 years of marriage, I finally got Mrs. Gym Hero to start watching it. I really have no idea why she was so hesitant because as soon as she started watching it she finished season one in 4 days. This is a woman that works full time and is going to grad school so it probably would have been 2 days if she had free time. And what was I doing? Watching it all with her again because IT'S THE GREATEST SHOW OF ALL TIME!

The show is about the drug trade in the city of Baltimore, but it's about way more than that. The show IS Baltimore. Each season is geared to tackle different aspects of the city as its own separate entity but still addresses how they all blend together to form this cesspool of shit that is life in West Baltimore. I really cannot explain how amazing this show is and how angry I get every time I think of Bubbles not getting nominated for anything. I mean, the man played a heroin addict so well that Mark Wahlberg seriously walked up to him and congratulated him for getting clean because he thought that Bubbles WAS a heroin addict in real life!

Then again Marky Mark wasn't above making random racist assertions...

The point is that this show is amazing and did not get its due on a ridiculous scale. I have seen it in its entirety 3 times. There are certain scenes that I will watch ad nauseam. I used to have nightmares about meeting a dude like Marlo Stanfield. The quotes...sigh...


Just go watch it. Now. HBO is doing an entire marathon in HD for the next 5 days. Every season for 1 day then it'll be re-released on DVD. Or, if you have HBO already, you can just watch it On-Demand. Do yourself a favor. Go watch it now. You will thank me.

“Either do it or don’t, but I got some place to be”. – Marlo Stanfield.


Stay sexy, heroes.

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