Rocky Rhoades (Ice Scream)

This post is a mini back-story of one of our upcoming Gym Villains. All artwork was done by Anthony Sixto. We sincerely hope you guys enjoy this series.



Rocky Rhoades was born in Skokie, Illinois. At eight years old both of his parents died in an automobile accident on their way back from the movies by a drunk driver. Since there was no immediate family nor anyone willing to take him in, Rocky was placed in the foster care system in Chicago. As an older black child he faced tremendous difficulties getting adopted and had less than a happy childhood. The fleeting moments of happiness usually came during trips to the local ice creamery where Rocky would lose himself in developing different combinations of flavors.

In high school, he found a love for boxing and became amazing at it due to his ability to have different styles of fighting for each opponent, a technique he performed as if he was "churning out a different flavor". He was so good that he even gained the moniker "Rough" (or "The Deadly Rs"). When Rocky was qualifying for the Golden Gloves, Don Asystole approached him with an offer: throw the fight and win some money or face an uncertain future. Rocky does throw the fight, thereby losing his chances for the Golden Gloves. However, it's discovered that the fix was in and he is barred from organized boxing. Without boxing, Rocky then turns to a life of crime.

His illegal activity increases in depth and scope, turning him into a violent man. Eventually he ends up in prison in Statesville where he meets Cherry Garcia, the drunk driver that killed his parents. Rocky does not tell Cherry who he is, instead using his nickname, Rough, and (surprisingly to himself) eventually forgives Cherry. He discovers Cherry to be a good man that made a very grave mistake and is haunted by it at all times. Rocky finds similarities in their situations and through this experience does much to ameliorate his life. After Cherry is released from prison, Rocky escapes.

Rocky escapes to Nevada but is soon discovered by the police. He steals an ice cream truck and is engaged in a comical "high speed" chase that culminates with them driving into a nuclear testing site. His truck crashes, spilling its contents as well as Rocky into nuclear waste. His body and the radioactive ice cream bond, which changes Rocky's molecular structure into ice cream. Impressed, he names himself Ice Scream due to his new powers.

Ice Scream returned to Chicago and joins the new Don's crew, becoming his strongest enforcer. However, he continues to wrestle with his status as a supervillain and his innate feelings of being a better person (most likely influenced with his meeting of Cherry).

Powers & Abilities

  • Ice Scream has the ability to transform his body. He can will his body to harden, compact, disperse or shape into anything, or a combination of those qualities
  • More often than not, this ability enables him to absorb most blows with little to no ill effect other than reforming himself
  • Ice Scream can mold his arms and hands into shapes such as a mace or a sledgehammer to battle Doctor Cardio and his other enemies. His mass, strength and shape shifting ability correspond to the number of ice and sugar particles that comprise him. The more he incorporates (nearby) sugar grains and ice chips into his body, the more those qualities are enhanced
  • In addition to his superb endurance, Ice Scream possesses superhuman strength on par with Meat Head.
  • Although he is invulnerable to most physical attacks, even projectiles because they pass through him, heat is a different story. At 150 degrees Fahrenheit even his human molecules begin to fall victim and melt

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Michael Okoye
Michael Okoye

July 21, 2014

He just needs a hug. Though I’m sure it’d be sticky.


July 20, 2014

I love this! He’s just misunderstood! <3

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