Ron "The Don" MacDonald

This post is a mini back-story of one of our Gym Villains. All artwork was done by Anthony Sixto. We sincerely hope you guys enjoy this series.



Ronaldo MacDonald, the man now simply known as Ron the Don, started out as a common street thug on the south side of Chicago. He was noticed by one Don Asystole, an accomplished crime boss in the Klown family, who admired MacDonald's sheer brutality and hired him as his primary enforcer. Ironically enough, Don Asystole soon died of a massive heart attack and MacDonald took control over his mob empire. Thus, Ron the Don was born.

While his wife, Wendy, knew about his criminal activities, they were careful to shield their only son, Barry King MacDonald, from the misdeeds of his father. Barry did eventually discover the truth of The Don's empire and faked his own death to escape his father's stronghold. He would later return to Chicago under a masked identity known as "BK" or "The King" in order to pose as a rival to The Don's power. As of this writing, BK has developed a large following, but nothing to rival the global dominance that is The Don's handiwork.

The Don is a criminal mastermind that is involved in extensive illegal activities such as using fake meat, paying his minions (employees) criminal wages, suing the living crap out of everyone that even thought of calling him Ronald McDonald, murder (mainly by heart attacks or other obesity related deaths), and so forth. Despite this, he has ruled much of the world since 1955 with little resistance and he has an army of lawyers determined to keep it that way. The Don has no superpowers, but he has a cunning business acumen and can make a artery clogging burger using only chicken by-products. His fortress, the White Castle, is virtually impenetrable and has caused many issues for heroes such as Gym Rat and Meathead.

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